About me

My name is Ramon F. Mendes. I am from Brazil.

I have 10 years of experience as full-stack web developer, but aside coding, I always need to create design stuff by myself! So let's say I am a web designer too because I am passionated about UI/UX.

You know, as a good developer, I even created a tool to automate my life as a designer called Design Arsenal (http://designarsenal.co/).

Technologies and tools I normally use:


I have a standing invitation for you to email me about anything that’s on your mind.

My email address is ramon@misoftware.com.br.

I love helping people, answering questions, discussing ideas, and looking at work you’ve done. Anything from blog posts to open source code to poems. I’d like to see it!

Also if you would like my help for a gig I am looking forward for the challenge!! 👋👋👋